DJ Hottie Pants is coming to my wedding!

21 Jul

Today marks the end of the “Semilliams” weekend, a.k.a. Heidi and Justin’s wedding weekend!

It started Friday with a fun trip to the nail salon with the ladies for some girlie bonding…then to the chicken bar! Maids have GOT to eat!

The toes after the salon…CHICKEN BAR, here we come!

HillyP is deep in story at Chicken Bar!

Friday night we headed out to the ever so famous “Kings Raven Winery” where the ceremony and party were to take place the very next day. Rehearsal started approx. one hour late, but who’s counting?

Saturday started early with a trip to mom’s to get my hair done then off to the salon to meet up with the maids and Bridezilla (totally the opposite actually) herself! They were getting their “hairs did” and make up too! I joined in for the make up. There is something about other people doing my hair that gets to me. So mom was there to rescue me! Love you ma! (she will never in her life read this, but oh well!)

Best Western was the site we met up to get dressed and off we went to the big show!

The ceremony was 6 MINUTES people! That is what I call quick and dirty! Best 6 minutes of my life! My ankles didn’t even have time to itch as they usually do when standing in these ceremonies wasting away my life…KIDDING! I love every minute of it…even if I did have beads of “glow” running down my arms at K and B’s wedding last week! Totally worth it!

We partied it up like rock stars last night. We fell in love with DJ Sean (a.k.a DJ Hottie pants), too! He was DARLING minus the fact he was married and drives a Dodge Sprinter like John and Kate…whatever!!!! (how did I get no pictures of him? Worst day of my life!) He ran the show and did a mighty fine job. I told him that if he wasn’t retired or in a wheelchair by the time I got married he was already hired. He liked that…I am pretty sure he has booked me already.

I do have to admit one little thing…I know this is no surprise! I FELL and HURT MY ANKLE SO BAD!!! Broken? Maybe…do I care? Not really! Here’s what happened…
During the ceremony I looked out into the crowd and saw a lady go down. I threw my bouquet to Erica and sprinted to her…unfortunately for me, there were chairs in the way so I had to take a dive. Sometime in there I rolled the ankle and boy did it hurt. I do have to say something though…I got some mighty fine pain killers from Dr. Widmer…also known as HEF!

Real Story: The grounds were SUPER uneven at the site…all over the place and we were wearing super cute wedges. Only guess what people? Super cute wedges and uneven spotty grass don’t really mix. I did well until I got a really good idea to cut through the barkdust seeing how it seemed more even than the grass…BAD IDEA says my walking partner AKA groomsman “Fruity”. So I rolled the ankle and probably just really badly sprained it then danced all night on it…the whole Dr. Widmer thing was true. THIS HOWEVER did not stop “Fruity” and I from doing our signature move that took me about 24 hours to convince him that it was a good idea. THE HIP BUMP! DJ Hottie pants introduced the Wedding party and then Heidi and Justin. Guess who got to go first? The least liked friends you say? CORRECT! Fruity and Meg Meg take the limelight and head across the dance floor…the plan was to hip bump right before we parted ways…so we walk walk walk…about to part/bump and DJ Hottie pants cuts our time short and gets on with the show! What the crap? NO ONE saw our hip bump except the rest of the wedding party…OH WELL! I think he planned it that way!!! (fist!)

Today we headed to Casa de Semet (Heidi’s parent’s house) to watch them open presents and keep the party rollin..Good Times People…Good Times!

The “speech crew”plus random catering team girl…


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