I want to be the next Mrs. Fletcher!!!

27 Aug

This week it is back to the grind! Well, kind of. No kids, but our butts are in school hustling around those hallways like it is our first teaching job! Does it ever get easier? I am convinced that it will…someday.

We reported back Monday with a lovely convocation as usual provided by the superintendent. Shall I say…Mr. Superintendent of the Year. That’s right people!!! I work for him! I felt a tear come on when I heard that…then I realized a dust particle flew into my eye.
It was a lovely little shindig, complete with the choir HE is so proud of and all. It was actually not as bad as the last two years. I am not sure how they pulled that one off. Anyway, we had a great speaker, Aaron Davis that really said some things that were moving. Main idea: family first, you don’t need to spend all your life at school. Be great at school, but be amazing at home. I must get better at that. Note to self: I think he was talking specifically to me. Not that I have a family, but really do I need to spend most waking hours in A-7? I don’t think so!

Tuesday…oh wait that was today. We had a retreat planned by our fearless leader. I will call him Stewie. I can’t disclose all this info and give their name out!!!who do you think I am??? I wonder if he will like his chosen name. I will ask!

So we were all a little apprehensive (I can’t think of a smarter word) about this “retreat” thingy. We had gotten lost on the way one time and pulling up to pick up Shuggie and then into the parking lot, Crazy Kindy was yelling “retreat! wahoo! retreat!” She is a nut! Her and Shuggie are a WHOLE post in themselves! More on them later.

Within the first hour of our retreat, Stewie had us balling. Yes that is right folks…MegPie was balling!!! I know I know, BIG surprise right??? (I cry all the time for those of you who don’t know me!)

Let me give you some info that Stewie shared today.

1) Stewie’s daughter (12ish years old, I think) has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis which she recently (two years ago) had a bad relapse with.

2) Stewie’s sister died last year of breast cancer

3) Stewie’s father in law was just re-diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and doesn’t seem like it will get better.


After Stewie shares all of this with us. Wait wait wait…let me tell you that our last year’s fearless leader, I will call her “Mrs. Fine is a Choice”, NEVER shared any personal info with us, therefore we were in no way shape or form connected with her. It seemed to have caused a lot of communication barriers. Stewie has us share some life things later in the morning which was great to hear about other people. EVERYONE has a story that is incredible…LISTEN!!!!

Stewie’s last comment was this:

“I was adopted. When I was seven, my mom and dad got divorced. I had two sisters. We were in court one day with our parents. Judge Green brought me into his chambers and asked who I wanted to live with. As a seven year old, I had to make the toughest decision of my life. I chose dad, and I knew I had broken mom’s heart. I had worn my nice “court” clothes and had packed school clothes in my bag, knowing I would be dropped off at school after court. I had forgotten to pack tennis shoes so I had to wear my “shiny shoes” (he didn’t know the words, patton leather! so cute, I could squeeze his cheeks!)
Here I was, walking in late with my jeans and “shiny shoes” on. The kids all laughed at the shoes. They also had no idea what I had just gone through. My teacher, Mrs. Fletcher, called me over to her desk and it was like a miracle! She opened her drawer and there were a pair of tennis shoes just my size! I will never forget her.”

I will give you a minute to grab some kleenex!

He freakin shed a tear and Sally Sad Sack here was balling into my shirt sleeve. I look up and see half our staff stone faced (not surprising really!) and then the other half also balling. I love a good ball in the morning! =) Especially at retreat thingys!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) brings the CHILDREN! They will come with their little tanned faces and their summer attire, with supplies in hand! The parents will complain the supplies cost too much, or they couldn’t find this item, or they bought the wrong kind of this…It will be a glorious day! I can’t wait to see my little amigos!



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