Ideas…gone…perhaps they will come back?

8 Sep

So I get all these ideas about things I need to blog about…and the second I get home and sit down…POOF they are gone!!!

Things that happened today:

1-potty accident (first one this year and its already day 5!)

Ms. Mullet in the cafeteria chewed on me a little because my lunch count was off…who cares if there are a few more hotdogs in your stash lady! You could use a little meat on those bones…or whatever those thingys are made of!

While sitting at lunch I was reminded of a wonderful Kindergarten story. This one goes ALL the way back to 2006! WAY BACK! It was a nice Friday morning, show and tell day. A “lovely” ankle biter of mine was “showing and telling”. Guess what he brought???!?!?!?


Telling: “This is the stuff I have to eat so my “poo poo” comes out”

Bless his little heart! Mom thought it would be funny…he is one of “those” kids. Which means he has no clue what is going on in the real world. Neither does mom…for that matter! He will need major counseling soon! Hopefully no show and tell has been showed or told at his new school.


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