Bumble Bee Pet Rock…

12 Sep

In class we were discussing names. I had read the book Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. A favorite in the 1st grade. All the kids in Chrysanthemum’s class make fun of her because of her name and in the end (insert music here) all the kids really like her name, blah blah blah.
My kids were making beautiful painted paper flowers, similar to Eric Carle’s painted paper pictures. They were to come up to my desk one at a time and tell me why their names were special and I would type them into the computer for them and print them on their artwork.
It was Twinie’s turn. Twinie has looped with me. For those of you who don’t know what looping is, it is when a student and teacher stay together for more than one year and move to the next grade. 16 of my kids are loopers. Well, Twinie has a twin brother. They are not identical, but you would think they were. Twinie and Twinster started the year in my class last year and during the first three weeks threw chairs at me, screamed at me, and threw shoes at me. Oh wait wait wait! They also stripped their clothes off. Lovely is the choice word I use for that! Did I mention G-man was also in that same class. You remember him, he is bi-polar and has emotional disorder? =) Fun times.

Twinie has changed, 100%. He has a very GOOD sense of humor that I appreciate. He came up to my desk when it was his turn. I ask why his name is special. With an extremely straight face he says that he was named after a bee. Hmm, I was baffled. In this day and age, it didn’t surprise me. Then he added that it was a rock painted like a bee. Coincidentally, I have a rock painted like a bee on my desk from a darling little ankle biter. Nice Twinie…nice.


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