Who lives in a pineapple under the sea???

17 Sep

Well…today was a day.

Twinie strikes again! Twinie was having a rough morning. He did NOTHING for two hours straight. I believe he tried to fit his head inside his desk…I wish I had a picture to show you of you because you would notice right away that Twinie’s head WILL NOT fit in the desks. Some heads will…not his! I had him out of his funk by PE time. From PE we got directly to lunch then I pick them up from recess. I noticed that when I went to pick up, many of the boy type were missing. The peanut gallery informed me that some kids were “in trouble”. YIKES!
The counselor would be in soon to give her lesson so I would check on them if they hadn’t returned yet. Twinie happened to be one I was missing. With the way the morning panned out, I wasn’t surprised he was one of the “in trouble” ones. BTW, the kids in first grade have a favorite past time of tattling. Twinie meets us at the door. He hands me a note. The note reads:

Twinie got physical, hit her in the neck, with a girl that smelled like sardines. I have called home and he missed recess. ~Stewie

What??? You have got to be kidding me!!! I had to dismiss myself from the classroom because I was laughing so hard! Stewie made my day! I can imagine Stewie at his desk writing this with a smirk on his face. Needless to say…I made Stewie reenact the discussion he had with Twinie today at our Pride Team meeting. It was funny. I can’t even tell the story without laughing. I love my job and Twinie loves Spongbob!

Another funny…

I have this student…I shall call him…Student B. He doesn’t really do anything in class. He just sits there and tells the little cute girls horrid stories. Today was something about the new mama elephant at the zoo eating her baby. Of course it did not happen (I don’t think) but Student B is full of crapolla! I had repeatedly told Student B to do his work and leave the girls alone. The two girls are DARLING! I don’t have names for them just yet. I will call them C & A. Pretty soon A comes running up to me saying Student B is under the table tickling their legs. (How would that fly in a staff meeting I wonder? hmm…) Mean Maggie (me, when I am mean) gets her BIG voice on…

Student B! Get back in your seat and do your work!”
Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t yelling! Just a BIG voice.

Stop tickling the girls!”

C: “I kind of liked it!”

Of course she did. Of course she did.

A: eye roll.

It was a day…


Funny kids make me happy.


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