Hi! My name is Jennifer…

20 Sep


Rose is one of my best friends. Her name really isn’t Rose, but there is a funny story behind that. She has a set of twins that I LOVE!!!! They are my “nieces” I am their Auntie Meggie.
Funny Sam stories make me happy. Rose emailed me two of her stories this week…
This is a picture after their cousin dressed them up!
Embrace the feather boa people!
Funny of day – On the way to Valdie’s I was singing “This is the day” and Sam is singing with me. At the end she says “Oh man, I wish I would have had my flute”. I was so delighted that my daughter understands at 3 1/2 how much better a song is accompanied by a wind instrument.


“We’re at the library and I’m sitting reading Abby a story. Sam is at the dollhouse playing with this boy. The boys mom asked Sam her name and she says Jennifer. Without even hesitating!She asked the mom what the boys name was. (I don’t remember), but the moms says “nice to meet you Jennifer”. I was dying and Sam just kept on playing like nothing. I asked her later why she said her name was Jennifer and she said “Just because”.


I love this child…


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