Jamba Friends…

22 Sep


I needed to go tutor my little friend today out in Beaverton. I also needed a little pick me up. I thought Jamba Juice would do the trick. I am not sure if it did, but it raised my self esteem!

I was blowing drying my hair this morning in a half assed sort of way. You see, I have a cut that “must be done” no fakin it folks. So I am doing my best to half-ass it…forget it! I leave.
Did I mention I also need a color in a “brittany needs a cigarette and smoothie” kind of way??!?!? Well, I do. So I am sure you have an awesome picture in your head about what this girls hair looks like. Anywho…the sweet high school drop out behind the counter says “your hair looks sooo good!” For a second I kind of thought she was joking because she kept looking to the girl next to her. I think she sensed my hesitation when I said, “thanks!”.
“No it really looks good…like you just walked out of the salon!”

Hmm…Jamba Juice girls that give nice compliments make me happy.


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