Staring…good times…

24 Sep

Another funny from .5 of my favorite girls in the whole world!


Another funny Sam story for you.
Last night at Applebee’s there was this cutest little girl with her mom. She just started Kindergarten. Sammy just kept staring at her. I told Sammy to stop staring so she can eat. The girl said, it’s okay she can stare at me. Sammy yelled, “Mom she said I can keep staring at her!”…so she did.


Today was a Tuesday, I was not feeling well so I went in Teacha’s room and layed down on the floor with a quilt and pillow and may or may not have left a tad of drool on it. Oh well!
Lucky thing for us…NO KIDS TOMORROW! Our district thinks they are super tricky and plans inservices in the middle of the week. Why you ask? If they planned them on Fridays none of us responsible teachers that want to better our education would go. We would just go out and party like rock stars then skip town! So they are in the middle of the week. I am glad our district trusts us so much…what a great feeling! We have writing training in the morning and classroom time in the afternoon.

Classroom time in the afternoon makes me happy. =)


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