Dirt Babies…

29 Sep

Things are not always happy. I am not happy at the moment, but I don’t want to bring my readers (1) down.

Today I went to see my girls. We went to Sonic…so good! I had deep fried ice cream shake thingy…the girls like to go there and sit in the mini-van. They get out of their carseats and sit in the very back. They put the headphones on and pretend they are watching a movie. It is cute, sweet and innocent. Why can’ I have that kind of fun?

I like watching the young high school boys on their roller skates. Rose and I decided they have to fall at least once while working there with an arm load of food. We also decided that the back of their shirts should say, “Even the best skaters fall.” We think we are funny. We crack each other up so I guess that is all that matters.

We went back to their house and “played in the dirt”. Literally. They are doing some new landscaping, etc. so there are big dirt hills in their backyard. A and S played for 3 hours in the dirt. They were as happy as can be. They loved every minute of it. Rose and I sat in the sun for 3 hours. That makes us happy. We loved every minute of it.


Watching kids play in the dirt makes me happy.


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