Magic Coins…

2 Oct

In my class, my incentive for the children to be good citizens is magic coins. Magic coins are truly magic. You should see the work that gets done when those coins are being rolled around in my hands. Trash is cleaned up, work is done to the best ability, and manners are in full effect! It is glorious! All because of a metallic coin that I have named “magic”!

Why are these magic coins so exciting you ask? DUH!!!! 4 magic coins = 1 trip to the Treasure Box! Every Friday is Treasure Box day. This is one event that I will never master. It takes FOREVER for them to choose. It is the worst. It is a wooden chest full to the brim of CRAPOLLA! Half of the CRAPOLLA doesn’t make it home…I find it on the floor often. There isn’t any one popular item. I do make threats though…I will admit it! If the Treasure Box is talked about or someone asks me when it is time for Treasure Box…GONE! NO TREASURE BOX THAT DAY! I am mean I know I know!
BUT PEOPLE…please understand I can’t take it when 25 kids ask me 4 times each when the dumb box is coming out! For those of you not mathematicians (you aren’t in my class obviously) that is 100 times in one day!!! They have been told the rule over and over again. After we pack up on Fridays that is when THE BOX comes out. Simple!

Well…here is where the story begins. I was having dinner with a rather particularly funny friend of mine. I was telling him about a recent dating situation that went wrong somewhere. Hmm…now that I think about it…they ALL have gone wrong somewhere!

The conversation changed later to my classroom and went something like this:

GB: “You know…if you give magic coins to the guys you date…I am sure they would stick around! Think about it…tell them if they are good they get four coins and then a trip to the Treasure Box!”

Me: “THE ANSWER!!!!”

I should be married soon…I’m just sayin!

Magic coin behavior makes me happy!



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