3 Oct

They never cease to amaze me! My little turkeys have material for me everyday! I can’t believe I didn’t start this blog sooner. Again, usually in the mornings…
Every morning they write in their journals. I give them a prompt on the board. Today’s prompt was…”At recess I like to ______________.” They copy the prompt and finish the sentence. For some, this is like pulling teeth. For others, this is a great thing, they do it quickly, and nicely and are done. N-dogg (you can read more about him here) doesn’t get a lot of work done. He is Mr. Social and tends to go to the bathroom a lot. I think he is just checking out his hair but that’s neither here nor there. Today was a breakthrough!!!! PEOPLE, you need to understand that when a child does something for the first time… it is more like MIRACLE! I can almost here the gospel choir singing…HALLELUJAH!
It’s the same version they will sing at my wedding…again, neither here nor there.
N-dogg walks up to show me his work. I always have the children read it to me as I can’t always read their writing and offended is a word that works well in that situation. The conversation went something like this…

N-dogg: “Miss MegPie, I am done!”

ME: “WHAT?!?!?!?!? I mean, great! Can you read it to me?” (sometimes they can’t)

N-dogg: “At recess I like to meditate.”

ME: “Oh really N-dogg?”

N-dogg: “Yes, really!”


I too shall try meditation on the playground…he may be on to something!

Meditation on the playground makes me happy!

P.S. We got an “urgent” email today stating they are canceling Mozerella Sticks for lunch tomorrow and substituting with Whole Wheat Corn Dog. PLEASE don’t confuse this with Golden Corndogs!!! I will keep you posted!


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