Dear Mr. Obama…innocent children…

12 Oct

Saturday afternoons are reserved for ONE of my little Emmas. She needs a little helpy help with her math, so I go over to her house every Saturday for an hour. We work on memorizing memorizing and memorizing. Then when we are done with that, we memorize more! Many of you will wonder why memorizing? That is what we have come too! Nothing else works and we are just getting her through her times tests!

Anyway, when she is taking one of her times tests I read her homework or newsletters from her teacher. I am always VERY interested in what other teachers have to say or what they are doing. For those of you that don’t know…teachers are the BIGGEST thieves around! We steal EVERYTHING from each other, make it our own, and then make it better. Then someone rips it off from us. No worries…it is kind a “pay it forward” if you will. =)
As I am reading, I see a letter she has written as part of her homework. The assignment was to write one of the presidential candidates and let them know why you would vote for them if you could and what you would want them to change.
Her letter read something like this:
Dear Mr. Obama,

If I were old enough to vote, I would vote for you. I really like you and think you have good ideas. There is something I would like you to change though. I think you should change the price of Webkinz to $1.00! That would make me so happy.

Your Friend,
(Webkinz are a stuffed animal that you can register online and make a pretend life for them)
To be an innocent child again would be the life.
We adults worry about money, relationships, jobs, wars, etc.
Let’s all be kids again for just one day and worry about Webkinz!

Innocent children make me happy!

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