Sweet Niblets!!!

16 Oct

So I don’t have such an exciting post today.
I am still doing my baby baby baby dance so I don’t have a lot of time to blog anyway!

I did forget to share a kiddo story from yesterday. All that baby talk made me forget about my sweet kiddos…blah!

I have a child in my class…we shall call her…DQ as in DRAMA QUEEN!!! On a regular basis, I think to myself in my head “save the drama for your mama” but she doesn’t really have a good mom. Her Grammy raises her and her mom is a deadbeat down in Cali…probably stays at home and reads blogs all day but that’s neither here nor there.

So DQ is just full of herself. She is spoiled rotten to the core. I mean you name the toy and she has it. Every morning meeting she is telling about something new she has gotten. I can only imagine what her room looks like. I know for a fact they live in a HUGE house and it is just her and her grandparents. She probably has her own apartment in the basement…anyway…again that’s neither here nor there. She thinks she is a Cheetah Girl. She always calls herself royalty. She walks at a snails pace and when I try to hurry her up her reply is as follows, “Princess’ can’t walk too fast!” BARF!

DQ sobs usually 3 times a week. That’s a good week. It’s about this or that or this or that. One time I got a note from Grammy stating that DQ didn’t sleep because she was upset that she wasn’t sitting near any of her “friends” on the carpet after I assigned there seats…THAT WAS THE POINT! They can’t keep their mouths shut so my answer is to move them! (You are thinking…wow, brilliant teacher! Don’t forget I have my master’s degree people!)

I find DQ curled up in a fetal position yesterday. Something horrific must have happened that I missed somehow (hate it when that happens). After ten minutes of probing I finally get out of her the problem.

“DQ, what is wrong?” I askfor the 100th time…at this point super annoyed!

Well, Mr. Clean called Hannah Montana DUMB!” sob sob sob.

“Oh honey I am sure he didn’t mean it!” (read: you have got to be freakin kidding me that I wasted more than 2 seconds on Hannah Montana!)

BTW, I heart Hannah Montana in a BIG way! My little babysitting charges got me hooked this summer! Again, here nor there.

So we have a small intervention in the hall with Mr. Clean…he apologized with a smirk on his face. DW hugged him. I love when my kids hug. That’s what makes everything better!

Until Miley Cyrus gets called ugly!!! I’m still trying to figure out how she can be so tricky!
Face it…she’s got the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!
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