25 Oct

So as you can imagine…after my High School Musical Sing-Along with J the other night…I am pretty estatic over the 3rd one coming out tonight! I didn’t have any plans to see it…most likely would pick it up on the Disney Channel in a few months, or if I was lucky enough a friend would want me to go with their family…until this morning…

J calls at 6:50am! Wants to know if the kids are busy doing their “busy work”. I am not sure where he went to school but last time I checked 1st graders weren’t even up at that time of the morning! He was calling to make my Friday dreams come true…

During morning meeting I couldn’t keep this kind of news in…I told the whole class. They were excited. They wanted to tell me they were going to. I didn’t care. Half were lying anyway…the only thing important is that I WAS GOING!

DQ’s turn comes up in the circle…

“Tonight I am going to see High School Musical 3 in theaters soon! I also know Miss MagPie is going and I also know Miss MagPie has the same middle name as me! Want to hear me sing?”

Kind of an odd little duck…

High School Musical 3 Pictures, Images and Photos


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