Flying to AZ?

26 Oct

Over a week ago I learned of a concert by Mindy Gledhill that I wanted to attend. One hiccup was that it was in Mesa, Arizona. The concert was a benefit for NieNie and her husband Christian who were in a plane crash in August. Since Rose had found this wonderful family on another blog, we have been addicted to CJane‘s blog. CJane keeps her blog up with updates of Stephanie and Christian. CJane is Stephanie’s sister and since C and S have been in the hospital for 2 months, CJane has taken in the children along with her sister Lucy. Anyway, wonderful family…every blog brings tears to my eyes. It definitely puts a “bad day” into perspective.

For about 10 minutes after learning of the concert…I was determined to go. One MORE problem…Rose, my fellow blog reader, would be out of town in Disneyland. I couldn’t go by myself for obvious reasons. I know it seems kind of weird that we would fly to AZ for a concert for a benefit of someone we didn’t even know. After reading this blog EVERDAY for over a month…you feel more like family than a blog reader. They are unbelievable. I could only imagine being in the presence of this family there in AZ.

So I dropped the idea of flying to AZ.

I did have a FANTASTIC weekend though. My baby’s mama and daddy were in town from Idaho for the football game. I haven’t seen her since the summer wedding of Kristin, our cousin. It was so good to see her and her pudgy little belly. I got to see the babies mama and daddy, Mr. and Mrs. Gay too! There were pudgy bellies all over the place, including mine! =)
After attending Mr. Jensen’s football game, we met his family and our family at a great Italian Restaurant downtown.

I don’t have pictures as my camera is in Disneyland with my princess’ and Rose! GOSH! Worst Day of My LIFE!

I have been DYING to see an update from Cjane about the concert…oh yeah..another reason I wanted to go was that NieNie’s daughters, Claire (5) and Jane (6) were going to sing with Mindy!!!! I KNOW that was amazing! My heart and prayers were still with them this weekend!


Spending time with my family makes me happy!


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