28 Oct

I am too tired to blog today…so I thought I would give you guys a replay of Halloween last year…please don’t be concerned with my costume choice…me being a teacher and all. =)

Erin the Flight Attendant!

The Troll…

Kid Sister mixing up a few!

Mary Kay Letourneau and Swiss Miss
Yep…Swiss Miss and the Sign Twirler (sweetest costume ever!)

Angelina (kids in tow) with Mary Kay
My Buddy with Swiss Miss
There are many costumes that were not shown here due to some graphic natured photography…

One Response to “Halloweenier!”

  1. Heidi October 28, 2008 at 8:43 pm #

    hahahahaha Ohhh halloween. Last year was fun. This year… what has happend to me. I have no desire to dress up or carve a pumpkin. It’s almost like Halloween does not exist for me,.. OH wait, ive eaten like half the candy from the 20 lb bag we got at costco… Yes, yes.. thats how ive celebrated this year!

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