Sweet words…

30 Oct

Awhile ago I posted about a little turkey that wasn’t one that rubbed me the right way…

he has definitely grown on me since that day. He is darling actually.

Yesterday, I was testing him on his sight words and he didn’t really know them but had the biggest brightest smile on his face the whole time! It almost made me want to give him a star or something!

Today was his last day in my class. =( He is moving and I will miss him dearly. Sometimes I am so sad when kids move and sometimes it is no big deal.

His mom brought in a special treat for the class…those sugar cookies with the massive frosting to be exact…SUGAR GOODNESS right there!!! Before the snack was passed out to the class, I had the kids offer bits of farewell and goodness to him. I had tears in my eyes! It was the most darling thing in the world!!! Some told him he was a great friend. Some told him they would miss him. Some wished him luck at his new school. Again…he had the biggest brightest smile in the world on his face!

Later while cleaning up his brought me a Capri Sun and asked me if he could put it in my refrigerator. I have a mini fridge under my desk and the kids are fascinated with it. I dunno why… I asked him why he wanted to keep it there. He told me it was for Abbie because she missed school today and he wanted to leave her a goodbye gift…I cried or as Teacha would say…”There was a little moisture coming out of my eye!”


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