Death’s Clean Up Crew

11 Nov

I found my friend Jamie on Facebook a few months ago. I know this darling gift of a person through Camp Erin.

Jamie is our clinical coordinator. The one who coordinates all the clinical stuff…really. She is good at it too. Her job title as she calls it is, “Death’s Clean Up Crew”. I tend to agree.

Tonight was grief group. One of my little people is facinated with the fact that “you don’t have to clean up” at grief group. (it wastes time that we don’t want to waste while the kids are there) It still bothers her. I catch her trying to clean up…even just a little. Her momma raised her right!

After watching her tonight…I started thinking…she has been through enough…she shouldn’t have to clean up…we are “death’s clean up crew”. We are trying to help her…and clean up after her…toys and all.


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