Let me tell you about a girl I know…

13 Nov

She like hip hop and rock and roll!

I had to get that out…it’s a great song, Corona and Lime By Shwayze

The weirdest thing happened the other day. I forgot to write about it until this song came on today…

I was walking past a certain student’s desk and noticed she had her Zac Efron pencil box open. I happen to like that guy so I took a little longer look. I mean hello!!! Did you see him with no shirt on in HSM 3?!?!?!? Stellar!

sorry…personal agenda!

Anywho…I noticed she had her share of pencils as well as crayons…but there was something odd in there…hmm…it was roundish…greyish with some writing…didn’t look familiar until I cleared some crayons out of the way…then it was VERY FAMILIAR!

Corona Cap Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy Hour in MegPie’s class!


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