My birthday…

13 Nov

No, it’s not my birthday. Don’t worry…you didn’t miss it…and it’s not coming anytime soon.

Since I LOOOOOOVE my special day…I will tell you…it’s March 19th. I love that day a lot. I mean, when else will everyone that you love call you in one day? Let me rephrase that…when else will everyone that LOVES you call you in one day? I had to account for some of those stalker friends…you know the ones. Anyway, I got an extra special-totally worth the 8 month wait-homemade-Della original…

YES…she painted this…no paint by numbers shiz either…on her own! She is one talented little doctor…(she is studying to be a Naturopathic Doc, no she doesn’t have dreads!)
In her defense, she “apparently” had this done around birthday timeish…when we see each other, I usually don’t go to her and brother’s house. I just meet them somewhere. But Tuesday…oh Tuesday…She remembered to brang (i like that word better with an “a” ) it to lunch. I can’t stop staring at it. it is so cute! zFor those of you that need ideas for Christmas, Hanukkah, Yom Kippur, Birthday, etc. I LOOOVE homemade things…
Near the bottom you can see her initials…do you know what they are? DR…no coincidence that she will be Dr. Parker soon…I’m just sayin!
So I leave you to ponder my painting that I will have FOREVER! That is until her kidlets paint me something that says “Auntie Meggie is the best!”…I love you Dr. Parker!

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