Enragement…a short essay

29 Nov

I am enraged right now…I should only be mad at myself, but unfortunately I am mad at a stranger too!

Today I decided to NOT go out and brave the crowds shopping. I mean I so desperately wanted to hit up Target, but I held back. My eyes were intrigued by the $5.98 movies that were on sale today but once again, I held back. Tonight after going to the gym…I couldn’t hold back any longer. I actually had gotten over the cheap movies. I was looking for a copy of The Polar Express starring Tom Hanks as the voice of the conductor. All day I contemplated how I would get my hands on one of these. I had approx. three weeks to do so as I am showing it on the 19th to my munchkins in class. They get to wear their jammies, drink hot cocoa, and eat popcorn. At the end, they get a bell to wear around their necks…

Back to my story…I literally thought I would NEVER find it. I walked into Target and got that “warm fuzzy” feeling inside as I usually do when I wonder in. I had a few things I needed to pick up but nothing fancy. I happened to notice some large red cardboard stands with $5.98 MOVIES! Yes! They still had them…okay okay so I wasn’t totally over them. Guess what movie was right in front???!?!?!? THE POLAR EXPRESS!!! Hot diggity dog! It was my lucky day! I grabbed that thing and kept looking at it making sure it was the real deal. Sure was! I was happy so I grabbed “The Holiday” too…you know the one with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz? That was cheap too!

After a few more items were tossed in the cart I was headed out. I grabbed an ICEE which was not needed. Bad GIRL!

I headed out to the parking lot. I should have grabbed my ONLY bag and left the cart inside, but nooooooooooooooooo I was too busy drinking my ICEE and I wasn’t sure if I could carry the overloaded bag, plus my drawstring Nike backpack, as well as the ICEE. So the cart went all the way to the car. I unloaded it and shoved it in the convenient cart coral.

My drive was 5 minutes. The second I hopped out of the car I realize there is no drawstring Nike backpack in the car. SH*T! I sped back as fast as I could…the bag had my iPod (from being at the gym) my gym card, and my WALLET!!!! CRAPOLLA!!! I was praying those carts hadn’t been taken in yet. They weren’t…I jumped out really fast looking like an absolute idiot and low and behold….NO BAG!!!!

I ran inside to find that nice person with that holiday spirit had turned it in. NO SUCH LUCK!!!!

So..Mr. or Mrs. Scrooge…if you are out there…(probably not reading this!) but if you are out there… You need to get into the Christmas spirit and turn my bag in!!! It isn’t all my fault that my bag blended in with the red cart! WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!

On a good note, the bank and credit card companies were super duper helpful and quick. American Express is even sending out a temp. card and it will be UPS’d to my house at “no charge to me”!!!! Now, no shopping or gym until then…worst day EVER!!! Okay maybe I am not crying so much about the gym thing…=)


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