Rats, and Mice, and Bugs…OH MY!

9 Dec

Time to admit some things I am not so proud of. My students eat snack everyday at 10am after AM recess. They have about 15 minutes to eat and listen to my wonderfully read-aloud skills. This is often interrupted by the infamous bathroom breaks, drinking fountain fights, and just chatting in general. Needless to say we don’t always get our snacks finished on time. When it is time to transition (big elementary school word) to writing time, they have 1 minute to get cleaned up and to the carpet. Now keep in mind this is MORE than plenty of time people. MUCH MUCH MORE! Some, in a last ditch effort to make it ontime will stash wrappers in their desks instead of walking 4 ft. to the trash can.

I recently looked in a favorite friend’s desk to find every snack wrapper that we had eaten last week, the week prior, and perhaps everyone since the last desk clean out. GROSSNESS!

I might have made a special announcement today. It might have gone something like this…

“Boys and girls…I was in here this weekend and guess what I saw?!?!? I saw bugs in your desks eating off the wrappers!!! Please don’t forget to throw your wrappers in the garbage instead of hiding them in your desks. Thanks!”

Here is what I found today at the end of the day…

P.S. This was NOT today’s snack…YUMMY!

No more bugs…


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