Snow day! Snow day! We want a snow day!

14 Dec

Tonight was 2nd Saturday Wraptacular, hosted by a good friend/former co-worker/boss…

She has people over to wrap presents to their little hearts content! I took my camera so I could specifically get a shot of everyone…totally forgot to snap pics! What would have been great for you is seeing the food. She always has GREAT food!

Anyway, while I was there I visited with my Two Bundles of Summer Joy. Seen in the pic. B and E were my summer buddies. I took care of them this summer and we had a blast! We did EVERYTHING and went EVERYWHERE! There wasn’t a kid’s place that wasn’t touched by us. Sometimes we got bored…sometimes we got VERY creative. The pics is them trying to figure out how to get the sled to go down the grassy hill. It was approx. 90 degrees this day. They gave up and ate popsicles instead.

E came cruising down in “the wrapping zone” in her jammies. They were inside out. Her reasoning? It will snow if she does that! Her neighbors told her that. She she did it! Why not? I am doing it tonight and for the rest of this week. Snowdays are not something to mess around with people! Another helpful hint was a spoon under the pillow. Again…don’t mess.

Snow on! Snow on!


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