We wear short shorts…

27 Dec

Dear Nair,

A couple weeks back I saw you sitting on the shelf at my local Target. Oh how I love that shopping goodness that Target provides me. I had never bought you before…this time I thought why not?!?!? You could save me some valuable shower time! I didn’t use you right away as you took a little planning. I had to rub on the said hair area (don’t worry it’s just my legs!) wait for approx. 3 minutes, longer if the hair is thicker. Test a small area to see if hair was infact removed and then wipe legs with warm wet wash cloth. Hmm…seems reasonable. I mean you do guarantee days of no shaving! What more could a busy girl ask for?!?!?!

Two nights ago, I may have been bored (cabin fever anyone?!?!?) so decided then was as best as any to try it. I would go for 5 minutes. The bottle warned to not go over 10 so I thought I was set to go. YOU my ex-friend were wrong!!!! 5 minutes were up and I followed directions. As soon as the cloth touched my leg….FIRE!!! I jumped in the shower as fast as I could and scrubbed away every piece of skin that came into contact with that poison!

I now I two burns on my legs and the burning sensation didn’t stop for 24 hours.

YOU are not a lovely product. I will not be recommending you to my friends. I threw you AWAY!!! I don’t understand. I thought we would workout! I thought we would have a long lasting friendship! You could go places with me! You could be my BFF!!!


Never ever again will you be welcome here…you are the devil.


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