Bring in the New Year…

4 Jan

Happy New Year everyone! (all three of you that is…)

I have missed blogging, but don’t really have any good stories for it.
After the snow cleared…I was out and about the whole week.
New Year’s Eve brought craziness and excitement as usual. I have come to LOVE that holiday! Just celebrating!!! No presents, no stress, just a GOOD TIME! And there was NO SNOW which made it even better! I have come to realize that snow and I aren’t on good terms right now. Waking up Friday morning to a “light dusting” wasn’t my cup of tea.
New Year’s Eve the last four years has been spent with the Semilliams clan. That is a mixture of two last names =) The Semet parents have a HUGE party and I have had the honor of attending. The first two years were fun and exciting. Lots of neighbors, friends, etc. A group game, spirits, and fireworks! The last two years have been CRAZY! Last year was a school theme that totally rocked. We had a Rock, Paper, Scissors contest throughout the night. We also ended with a group game won by us…”The Barkchip Bullies”. This year was a mystery for a LONG time…perhaps it was the snow that did those Semet parents in. FINALLY the Evite arrived! The instructions were to be there no later than 7:00pm. Wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes. First thought by many was a scavenger hunt. After much thought and discussion by the Semet/Panzer/Williams crew. It was determined that we were Lazertagging it up that night. IT WAS ON!!! Black paint (actually just mascara!), camouflage, and all black were purchased. The night went on as follows…

Hillary…ready for action.

The Green Team…(part of us anyway!)

Team Sassy…

The vans of doom that took us to our “undisclosed”

Getting prepped to go into the briefing room…
Ready for action with laser packs and all…
Yea for lasertag, friends, and a NEW 2009!
Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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