10 Jan

I have been getting some slack from my readers…(read: reader!)

“I haven’t been posting!” Well goodness gracious people! Miss MegPie is a busy girl! =)

Some GREAT things are happening around here! I can’t disclose quite yet…but I will, I will!!!

One story to share from “our first week back”…

Ladybug had a sharing day from WAY back when we were in school in December…like the 12th or something like that. Anyway, do you think she forgot when we returned? Yeah stinkin right!!! Her show and tell was some pictures of her grandpas…she showed and told what they were doing in the pic. The last picture went something like this…

Ladybug: “And this is my grandpa that is my dad’s dad…him and I are drinking a beer in this pic.”

I love my job…


One Response to “Slack…”

  1. Anonymous January 11, 2009 at 5:01 pm #

    About time slacker! LYRose

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