Makes me happy…

20 Jan

Does anyone remember the blogging everyday about what makes me happy? I know Mrs. Jensen does because she was harassing me about it tonight via texting! Oh how I love texting goodness! I mean I was heaving into making dinner…YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT…and I could easily have a baby/boyfriend (those two have NOTHING to do with each other! Her baby, my boyfriend!) conversation with the cuz. Anyway, back to her harassing…she is one of my avid readers (read: only readers) so I must make her happy. Plus she is preggers and I can’t make her upset now can I?

Things that made me happy this weekend: (get your barf bags out!)
The Boy meeting Rose and her family at dinner Friday
Meeting Boy’s friends and loving on their baby!

Having dinner with some college friends

Hiking at Tryon State Park

NOT having school today

Eating lunch with mother and nannie

Thinking about my new babies

Dinner with the Semilliams

Saturday with “the guys”

Breakfast with the bride
And the list could go on…

I will try my best to write more often…

Here is a self portrait done by the pup…


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