An amazing day for Americans…

21 Jan
I am not one to discuss my political views but I do need to make this post…I would be crazy if I didn’t.

For some reason I have felt this twinge of excitement for this inauguration. Never before have I cared. The last one my sister had died in the recent months and did I really care that we were getting a new president? I had other things on my mind.

Today was different. I knew it was on during the day. I wasn’t going to record it because I knew I could see clips forever on the news. Teacha had it on in the wee hours in her room while we were debriefing about our weekends. She told me she was going to keep it on so her kiddos could watch…hmm…why not? So I kept mine on too. My students were not this into the movie I showed 2 weeks ago!!!!! I couldn’t believe it! They could have watched all day…or so I’d like to think. They asked amazing questions and in return were amazed at my answers. To a little mind like that…it is so hard to wrap their brains around this concept. We proceeded (kind of) with regular classroom routines, but would take short breaks to turn the tv up louder. They loved seeing the former leaders of our free world and their families. They wanted to know where the Obama children attended school. They wanted to know who the guys with the guns were. I think their most enjoyable moment was when the Oregon State Basketball Coach came on for a split second. I explained to them who he was to us as Oregonians. They were mesmerized and at that moment every African American man in the audience with no hair “was him”. “There he is!” “No wait, there he is!” They had no clue… They biggest surprise was finding out that people wanted to kill the presidents. Their first inquiry was about the men with guns. I explained the president doesn’t go anywhere without security and neither does his family. They couldn’t believe anyone would want to kill him. I was proud. They have good little innocent heads on their shoulders. Some surprised me knowing past presidents that have been killed by people. Amazed I was…all morning long. When it was finally time for Obama to come down the flight of stairs and the crowd stood…so did my students. Proud as can be to be Americans. When the crowd clapped after he took his oath…so did my students. They were very happy. I hope they remember this day for a LONG time. I think we are going to have a wonderful few years coming up. I believe in Obama and proud today to be an American.

Below is a phone pic I took of them standing for our New President. (probably THE only day I have not taken my camera!) It’s bad but you get the picture. I just noticed the kids have their hands on their hearts.


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