Goldfish shortage…

22 Jan

My children eat snack everyday at the same time. We pretty much do everything at the same time everyday…creatures of habit? YES! Need routine for those kids that can’t handle “out of the ordinary” days? YES! It’s an easy solution to a difficult problem.

One day was goldfish day…please know that one of my FAVORITE snacks is goldfish…don’t tell my Weight Watcher leader PLLEEEAASSEEEE!!!! But really who doesn’t love a snack that smiles back?!?!?!

Usually, there are NONE left. We get through a Costco bag in one day. Each child who asks receives a Dixie cup full of them. This holds them over another hour and a half till the gourmet buffet in the cafe! yeah stinkin right…my idea of gourmet is NOT Galaxy Pizza! That’s neither here nor there.

Occasionally, we have spillage. No biggie. I don’t get messy snacks for that reason. I am sure the custodial staff would argue that…but they aren’t reading this! =) B spilt the other day. No biggie was my answer…just told him to clean them up and I would have another cup waiting for him. After the mess was clean and the new cup was picked up…I proceeded to my next station…the “CHAIR”…for a nice read aloud. Junie B. Jones is our favorites…we will run out one day! DANG! Back to my story…I noticed that B now had TWO cups of fish because apparently only about 5 were spilt on the floor. Little STINKER!!! I put my hand in the cup and scooped some out…ONLY so he was fair with the other kids…it had NOTHING to do with the fact I LOVE those little orange pieces of HEAVEN!!! I probably wouldn’t have done it to anyone else but I know where he lives and his momma keeps a good house! (she will love me for that one!) Just as one piece of orange goodness hits my lips…it came…

“I licked those!”

Awesome…devil child…awesome….

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2 Responses to “Goldfish shortage…”

  1. The Gustafson Family January 22, 2009 at 6:01 am #

    I found your blog via Lindsay Jensen and I like it! I taught first grade for 4 years and second grade for 1 year and am now working part-time to stay home with our 8 month old boy. I miss teaching though and love your little stories about the kiddos…and I TOTALLY agree about the kidney table! Genius!

  2. olddog January 22, 2009 at 8:40 pm #

    I work with all adults, while clearing out some old office supplies recently, it got so heated they threatened to start licking things that they wanted.-tea

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