My heart…

28 Jan

This week…well, it’s been a week…and it’s on Tuesday NIGHT!!!!

It started with a phone call Sunday night from Lola. Lola is my friend that works at the high school in the area. She is also Bride #7 for those of you counting!
She had received word that students from her school were victims in a random shooting that took place in downtown Saturday night. I knew my Crisis Response Team was on-call this month so it was only a matter of time before my phone rang. I didn’t sleep great that night because I was filled with anticipation.

I got the call at school the next am. We didn’t have kids in our district Monday which was a blessing. I reported to the high school to find myself “counseling” high school students for the FIRST TIME. It was scary, wonderful, and eye opening all at once.

Two days later…and many tissues later…I found myself exhausted.
With 2,500 students at this high school, there are 2,500 perspectives. Some were at the scene. Some were on their way to the scene. And some had no idea who any of these kids were. Now, all 2,500 students know these victims well. It’s sad that this had to bring everyone together.
The students seem to be coping as well as possible. Tonight is a vigil for the student. One student is still in the hospital recovering from multiple gunshot wounds. It is a miracle she is alive…

Today, I am thinking of and praying for all those families that have been impacted by this…


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