As long as we are remembered…

11 Feb

I had grief group last night.
I love that place…but last night I hated it.
I hated it because I sat there looking at those sad people…thinking I didn’t want to ever be one of “those” people…wait…I AM ONE of “those” people.
In my group, I think I am the most “removed” from my death…to me meaning that I am the one who’s said death happened the longest ago. Mine is 8 years…some are as little as two months. We are a large range. I am there for different reasons that some of the others, but then again…we are all there for the same reasons too. I don’t look at myself as a “tragedy case”. There is always someone worse off. I have had two immediate family member deaths and my fair share of extended family as well. I have grown from them, learned from them, and now embrace them. They have made me who I am today…still causing some weakness though. I wouldn’t trade my deaths for anything of the things I just mentioned…but it is what it is…this is what I have been handed…and I CAN HANDLE IT! I think…
I like to go to know I am not alone…

Last night I had a reality…I mean I have definitely thought about this before…but last night it head me in the face…HARD.
One of my fellow grievers is a widow now. His precious wife passed away. He is so young and she was so young. I can’t imagine loving someone so much and then their lives being taken away in a split second. I do not want to be him…but I don’t know what the future holds. I have faith it will treat me well…afterall, I have had my share plus some! THE ONLY thing I can do about this…is live life to the fullest. Tell everyone how much they mean to me anytime I can.

I found this quote that goes perfectly with this post.
“We live as long as we are remembered…”


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