18 Feb

As you see from the post prior to this one…I am feeling some “pinches” from parents. It’s like they are pinching me…not horrible things but things that still hurt…and me being the worrier I am…they BOTHER ME!!! But then again…I laugh at them too…

The other day there were a few notes/phone calls home to parents for some wrestling/rough housing/ acting like typical boys (I am told) on the playground. This was not the first and won’t be the last of many battles between two certain male types in my classroom. They are both SUPER small, and both from the same Kindergarten (not mine!).

I have pulled out EVERY stop I can think of to keep them apart…including bribery…that works and is one of my finest tricks. THIS TIME…IT DID NOT WORK! You can’t keep two boys away from each other on the playground. I am sure they have magnets on them.

So I call home to E’s mom to let her know that we have had some long talks about keeping hands to self, etc. and if she could talk with him at home that would be great…I had to leave a message.

She emailed me back the next day…can I tell you how much I heart email? I HATE talking on the phone to parents more than ANYTHING in this world (okay maybe eating onions) so email suits me to a T! But I have to call most of the time because it is more professional or something like that…

Her email reads as follows:

Dear Miss MegPie,

Thank you for letting me know. E is now grounded for two weeks. (TWO WEEKS! Holy crap he didn’t beat anyone up or steal anything! He was acting like a boy!!! Are you going to hang him by his toes also?) I have a suggestion for you. Did you ever think about keeping E and N away from each other? (NO CRAP! I never thought of that lady! I wondered why I paid so much for a masters degree! DANG! Thanks for the great advice!)

Have a great day! (oh yeah just peachy!)

E’s mother

I love my job…I love my job…I love my job…


2 Responses to “Parents…”

  1. The Gustafson Family February 19, 2009 at 5:42 am #

    I hated dealing with parents too…seriously it is the worst part of teaching. I had two kids in my classroom like your pair. They never got along and were attracted like magnets. It was a daily nightmare until I bribed them…you’re right….bribing works! You’ll just have to teach the recess aides about bribing ;D

  2. themorrisbunch February 20, 2009 at 3:20 am #

    Don’t you just LOVE raising other peoples kids…?And of course, you need all the teaching advice from parents as well. Seeing as you’ve only gone to school for XYZ amount of years for the very thing…

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