Stop whining…

25 Feb

So you all need to stop whining because I haven’t blogged in a few days…I can’t just blog about NOTHING!!! I mean you don’t want to keep hearing about The Boy or silliness like that do you?!?!?!

OH! You do?!?!

Last Tuesday when I got into my classroom (I am a teacher for those of you that don’t know…haha) there was a present of sorts sitting on my desk. Now…I LOVE presents…infact if you have read my 100 things about me post, you will know that my love language if gift giving.

So back to my story…(I tend to get off topic a lot!)

There is a shirt sitting on my desk…it is this one…(this pic is NOT me)

You won’t find this cute/funny or the least bit amusing if you don’t know The Boys name…=)

I heart this shirt…and I heart Shuggie for getting it for me!!!!

Love ya all!!!


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