The Shower…

10 Mar

After much sickness last week…I finally got some relief! Thank goodness because I had a shower to c0-plan! That’s what co-maid of honor do apparently…the co-plan showers. True Story…I mean I have been in 6 weddings and never been the MOH so now is my turn…but only the CMOH so that basically means if things go badly there are two of us to blame.

The shower was complete with chocolate fondue, fun bridal games, and presents! One game we played was a panty game. Everyone had to bring a pair of panties for the soon to be bride and everyone had to guess who they were from. Mine were my favs by far…they were black boy shorts that said, “Mrs. Goodman” in rhinestones!

Instead of a “Bridal Wishes” book, we got her an apron and had people write their wishes on it.

Jamie’s was the best it read… “Know your role.” I love that Jamie!

Here are a few pics…

(Pics above: panties from the panty game, soon to be Mrs. Goodman taking a break)


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