Kids say the darndest things…

13 Mar

I have a couple short stories for ya…

Story #1:

Yesterday one of my little friends was telling me what he was going to do over the weekend. They always need to tell me these things at the most inconvenient times it seems.

He started in about how he was going to the beach and he was going to be taking “Jimmy”…I said, “Who is Jimmy?”

“You don’t know Jimmy? He is on Facebook!”, replies my friend.

Apparently EVERYONE is on Facebook!

Story #2:

For some reason my little friends were asking me who I lived with…I replied with…”It’s just me and my roommate.” We of course have to discuss what a roommate is and that no, he isn’t my brother, no, we aren’t married, no he isn’t my dad…he’s just a friend. Then my friend B replies…”When I grow up…I am living with just me and my massage chair!”

Whatever little dude…more power to ya!


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