Silos and Overheads and Farms..OH MY!

9 Apr

This kiddo in my class was on a roll today…I couldn’t keep up with him! Every time he said something I would think…”remember this for the post tonight!”

It started this morning…our beloved PTA bought half of our teachers document cameras. They are stinkin cool I tell you! NO MORE OVERHEADS!!! Then because we were having to share, our principal had extra money in the budget that needed to be used (I don’t get it either!) so we bought the rest of the teachers one. They are amazing! The kids almost love it more than I! Anyway, I was cleaning the old one getting it ready for the creepy custodian to take it away and my little nugget says…

“Do you think I could buy that off ya?”

Yes, he said that. His mom was king of embarrassed

After lunch we do our math time. We are working on a farm unit and we were discussing the purpose of a silo. (don’t feel bad if you had to look that up…I had to…I probably shouldn’t have told you that) I asked the children if they knew what a silo was…not expecting anything…many knew. The same little nugget as above answers…

“I think I do! My dad and I went on a beer tour one day and we tasted all these beers…and we saw one there!”

Mommy is going to be so proud!

5 minutes later while the children are in the midst of farm designing (this is a very extensive project that takes lots of team work and decision making…like where to glue the silo and what not) Little Nugget’s (above) team wasn’t getting a long so great…finally I hear him say…

“Listen guys…why are you making a big deal about this? Miss MegPie is just going to throw them away when we are done anyway!”

I obviously need to do a better job at the “recycling”…


One Response to “Silos and Overheads and Farms..OH MY!”

  1. themorrisbunch April 10, 2009 at 5:29 pm #

    LMBO!Ah, the joys of children…!

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