Potatoes and Babies…

27 May

I just returned from a short stay in Idaho to love on one of my baby’s!!! Let me tell you…she is freakin CUTE!!! I almost brought her home with me! I also enjoyed my cousin Lindsey and her husband Brian. It was fun to see where they live and how they live (small town!)

Here are some shots…I literally held the baby all weekend…it was soooo fun and relaxing!!!

She is so sweet!

“Let’s Get Physical…Physical!” Lindsey brought out all her bows to show me and so we played a little dress up…

okay so maybe it wasn’t meant for ALL the bows at once…she was embarassed!

Tucker, showing off his “handsome” bows…Tucker is one of The Jensen’s friend’s kiddos…super sweet and smart!

She is as sweet as pie! Thank you Jensen’s for your hospitality! I hope to be back soon!


One Response to “Potatoes and Babies…”

  1. The Jensen May 27, 2009 at 1:30 am #

    We had so much fun! Rylee misses you already!

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