Dear 2nd Grade Teacher,

22 Jun

So the last day of school, the assignment was to write your 2nd grade teacher a letter about yourself so they could read it before you entered their classroom in the Fall. Many did not follow directions (weird, I know!) but some did a great job! Here are two that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!
I highlighted the funny parts. Alexis is the next Hannah Montana…mark my words on that.
Her comment to the principal and I when asked what she would do this summer went something like this, “Well I am going to take swimming lessons, ballroom dancing lessons, probably head down to LA and audtion for a few shows and then meet the Jonas brothers. “
Wow! We don’t have high expectations do we?!?!


Here is the second one…and no this is not a skill I teach in my classroom. =)


Don’t blame me for childhood obesity!

This is just another reason I love teaching first grade!


One Response to “Dear 2nd Grade Teacher,”

  1. Heidi Williams June 22, 2009 at 7:22 pm #

    Hahahah! Oh sass, those are hilarious!!

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