Trails and Tribulations Part 2, June 7th 2009 (still behind!)

23 Jun
MegPie’s Review: great hike…perfect length…not many people until we got to Multnomah Falls then the flood gates of Japanese tourists opened.  This was the exact reason that we started at Wakeena…we knew there would be 1 bajillion people at the Mult. so we reversed our hike and came out of Multnomah falls and then it’s just a half mile trail down the highway back to the car.  It’s a “loop” if you will.
On the way down from the top of Multnomah Falls, we had to go slow because of so many tourists.  It seemed as though that hike brought a lot of different people out.
The Boy and I heard some pretty funny things from these people as we jaunted past them.  As a pre-warning, it is important to know that the hike from the bottom of Multnomah Falls to the top is 1 mile.  It is pretty steep and gets tiring because it is never flat…just UP!  
Some of the quotes we heard that day:
Kid to his dad: “Dad, do you realize no one else is running up the hill?”
Friend to another friend: ” I am really working that Voo Doo doughnut off today!” (for those of you not from around here, VooDoo is a great/eccentric doughnut establishment)
The Boy’s Favorite…
Big Mama to Me as she is breathing heavily .25 miles up to the top.  Please note she is on a bench.  I am wondering if I shall call 9-1-1:  “It’s a long (breath) way (breath) up there isn’t it?!?!?”
Me (not sure where this came from):  “Well, actually we started at Wakeena Falls and we are on mile 5!
The Boy about LOST it laughing so hard.
We laughed all the way down the hill…and in the car…and at lunch…and for the next week or so!

Cool half cave trail thingy…

Wakeena Falls

Many places we hike have a lot of damage due to storms and stuff…it’s pretty cool

View of the Washington side from Oregon

The Boy at the falls

Approaching the falls…


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