Trails and Tribulations Part 5, June 27th (i know i am out of order), Ramona Falls

5 Jul

Hello all my avid readers…I currently am resting in room 5R27 at Providence Portland…with Nannie.  She has had some speed bumps that we are embracing with our deepest love but unfortunately they don’t love us back.  She has fluid in her belly that’s not moving…a decision of possibly surgery will be done tomorrow or Tuesday…don’t rush people…IT’S OKAY!!!  Take your time!!!  We’ve got all day!  Heck all week!  And you know me…ALL SUMMER!!!

She was brought in Friday night via ambulance because with deep consultation of Dr. Conway (aka my mom) they decided there was a possible heart attack, vomiting, and pain in her 6 pack…no heart attack, but everything I had previously stated.

So thank goodness for a little wireless Providence Internet eh?  I mean I used to work for them so I think I have put in my time if I do say so myself…I have earned this privilege!
Since I have my laptop and the photos from our last hikey hike…I will post out of order.
Ramona Falls was rated an A+ in my book.  6.8 miles…not hard at all.  Not so much of a workout besides the walking, but all in all good.  We got up SUPER early for this one, and as it turns out…The Boy was FINALLY right and it was a good idea due to the fact that MANY people were coming up as we were headed down.  Nice job Boy!!! I taught you well on the planning side =)  It is near Zig Zag on the way to Mt. Hood so we have some amazing mountain pics!  For those of you out of towners that lurk…Mt. Hood has snow year round and in fact the US Ski team practices here because where else can you find snow in July?  Plus there are MANY ski and snow boarding camps here in the summer so it’s kind of odd to see kids with snowboards in the airport in July!
I never post these pictures in the right order and who cares anyway?  This is the “seasonal” bridge that is across the Sandy River.  If the bridge is not there (any months but spring and summer) you must use proper crossing the water techniques.  I recently found out that one of my very good friends and readers has crossed with no bridge!  YIKES!  I am not down with that.

You have seen this one many of times…

This is the actual Ramona Falls.  It is gorgeous!!!

When we went in this certain part of the trail, we had to fill out a pass that was carbon copy and put one copy in this box.  I suppose this is so they know your plans if in fact you are lost.  We were pretty proud of the pass.  The Boy still has it on his pack.  I think he loves it.  If you are caught without the pass…$100…
Tree damage…these ones that come up with the roots and all just amaze me…

The Boy
Beautiful Mt. Hood with the Sandy river in front…
Small beautiful creek…
The dry river…the river is up to the bottoms of the trees in the winter…

There you have it…Fun Hike # 5!!!  Woot woot!

I have more pics from The Boy but you must wait as he takes approximately 19 days to get them up…Love ya!

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