Black Handle Squeezy Thingys…

1 Oct

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So…I ventured out with my relator Mr. S and The Boy today for some house hunting.  Now let me preface all this with…1) The Boy is NOT purchasing the house with me…I need another set of ears and eyes to go with and today I learned he comes in handy when it comes to roofs!  Plus he will do a lot of the fixing up so if he can’t do it…screw it!  2) Mr. S is the daddy of a good friend of ours so he is taking good care of us…oh and he is FUNNY!  3) This is a stressful thing to do but oh so exciting!

So we had 6 houses to look at today…our first was a lovely FIRST experience.
We knock on the door.  We were not expecting anyone to be there, but in true relator fashion we knock just incase!  Someone answers the door that spoke not so good English…he did understand why we were there and ever so graciously invited us in to look around.  Hmm…they were aware we were coming over…however I don’t believe they cared.  The house was a disaster!  Besides the house being really dirty and some small things here and there like a whole in the ceiling…(no biggie right?) it just wasn’t me.  On our way out our “friend” was sitting on the davenport (that seems to fit well in this post) with a pair of, what appeared to be leggings, on tucked into some maroon athletic socks.  I don’t mean the latest ankle athletic socks…think slouch socks if you will.  He was working on his forearm muscles apparently because he had one of those squeezy things that have a black handle and some metal on them?  You know the kind that you squeeze together?  It’s like the Thigh Master but for your hands apparently.  Watching Telemundo!  It was classic!  I wanted to take a picture of him and run out real fast!
The last house we visited today was said to have a small dog that was in the garage.  Apparently little dog grew over night to a full size PITBULL!  It appeared to have busted out of the garage and tore up some toilet paper through the house in the meantime.  Mr. S said a small prayer before walking in to take one for the team.   The dog ended up running away when the door opened but barked his head off and may have had a slight coronary!  Mr. S tried his hardest to get him in the garage but with no luck…we entered anyway.  Besides the Glamour Shots all over the house, the cat statue, the dog statue, and the broach collection…it didn’t so much appeal to me.
Back to the hunt tomorrow…I believe I have much more blogging material nowadays!
I did however find a house I really like today…there are a few things of concern like it’s bank owned…blah!!!!!  But it’s definitely a good one that I like!  We will see…stay tuned for more Black Handled Squeezy Thingys!

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