Holding up my end of the deal…

12 Oct
Ladies and Gentlemen…
A begged and pleaded with a few unlucky friends and family members to sponsor me for my walk-a-thon at school. I wasn’t going to participate except one day I got this note in my mailbox saying that if I earned more than $50.00 I would be entered to win a webpage design!!!! HELLO?!?!? If that didn’t have my name written all over it…I don’t know what did. It is only a drawing, but I am SURE I will win…=) meaning I don’t think the others did crap! Anyway…back to my deal.
I MAY have bribed these aforementioned friends and family a little…one bribe being their own post on my blog. I know! I know! Who doesn’t want that right? So here is my first one:

Kristin and Brett Hawkins…

Kristin is my cousin via the father side.
Her dad and my dad are brothers.
She is a first grade teacher in Oregon.
Likes long walks on the beach and has no tattoos.

Brett is my cousin Kristin’s husband of a little over a year.
He does some construction something or rather.
He is a Capricorn, loves two for one hot dogs at 7- Eleven, and has no allergies.
Brett looks like my roommates twin.

One fond memory I have of Kristin is this sneezing situation she once got into. She literally could not stop sneezing…I will have to ask her how long that actually went on for, but it was at least an hour or two.

I was in their wedding. It was fun.
They have a Labradoodle named Zag, named after Gonzaga’s mascot.
Kristin went to Western Oregon and Brett went to Gonzaga.
Kristin and Brett first dated when they were 16, broke up and got back together after college!
Crazy story…but oh so good!
I love you guys a lot and thanks for your sponsorship…
Your cookies are coming! (I know that’s the only reason Brett agreed to sponsor!)

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