Google it…

20 Oct

Today was a Monday…and I had a case of the Mondays!

Sick kids all over…kids returning from being sick…Swine Flu germs running in and out…assembly to prepare for that first graders were performing at and on top of this…the principal comes in to observe! I should have figured!

We were working on making predictions of the book we were about to read. The book is “Toto something or rather” it’s a classic…as you can tell.

Anyway on the front cover there is a dog and a smaller cat jumping out of a box. Many of the same answers were being given and sometimes I tune things out…I know I know…but seriously sometimes I could do this job with my eyes closed! Okay for like five minutes…then someone would puke, or kill another one and that is that.
So it’s Mr. L’s turn and he says…

“Well, I have been thinking about this (a whole minute or two maybe) and I am thinking the dog Googled how to get a cat…ordered one up…and it arrived at his house…yes, that is what the book is about”…

I laughed all day…
and the Mondays were gone!


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