Another my end…

25 Oct
My third and final sponsor that I am allowed to write about are the Parkers!
Who doesn’t love the Parkers? I just love that they are the Parkers together and not Della and Jason anymore…meaning they finally got married!

i know della from middle school and high school.
i know jason because my sister and him are BFF’s.
della and i became friends in high school and made up silly things to write on our arms for our games.
jason used to pin me down until mother yelled at him to stop because she might have to take me to the hospital. fun times.

i love them both. della and i rewrite songs together. someday we will sing it for you.
i love della. she is going to be a doctor.
i love jason. he is like my brother and he loves my della very much.
i was in there wedding this summer. talk about a blast!
the end!
I love you both and thank you for your sponsorship!
hopefully a baby parker will be in my future!


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