Swiney’s Debut

9 Dec

I have to tell you the SWEETEST story ever!  This week has been a tad rough for SOME of us in my class =) so this one makes me feel so good!

So today, the Swiney vaccine made it’s debut at our school.  About 6 kids got “the call”.  No clue that some kids get nasal mist and some get the shot.  Dumb teacher told them all to not worry cause they were getting a mist and no shots! Oopsie!  Student C comes back and would not look at me for the rest of the day because he had the shot…and Student A was in tears and needed a stuffed animal/cuddle time with Mr. Stuart for awhile.  Anyway, while A was still gone, we discussed being compassionate with our classmates who were hurting and things we could say to them.  So my sweet redhead takes it a step further…
Since he is student of the week, he gets to sit on the couch with a friend during carpet time…I look over only to see two students and not my redhead on the couch.  Being the grouchy one I am…I ask, “why are you two on the couch?” and your boy goes “I let them sit there”.  He never said it was because they were feeling hurt, but I KNOW that is why he did it.  HE HAS A HEART OF GOLD…I told his mama to loan me the book on how she did that!

On another note…Someone MAY or MAY not have told some people that a certain teacher is preggers? How else do you expect me to get the Swiney Shot?!?!?!?  Karma does happen though..I lied, therefore I had to have the shot that hurt as opposed to the Nasal Mist.  Pregnant women have to have the dead vaccine not the live via the Nasal Mist. =)

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