Winter Break…

26 Dec

Day #6

Christmas Eve…we have added 4 babies to our family since April 15th.  Two more will be there for next Christmas eve…none will be from me!  yeah for other’s babies that I can love on and give back!

The year of babies…

In other happenings:  there was a major plumbing issue at Grandma’s house…but that didn’t stop the “guys” from doing the dishes and Cousin Jeff got new undies finally!

Aubrey just smiling away…she was already in her jammies!  Done with the Christmas dress!Skylar had the cutest snowman leg warmers on!  She is a doll!

Jeff got a new pair of undies!
Rylee LOVES the camera!  Anytime you even pointed it at her she smiled!  It was insane!
Adison finally calmed down…these babies were soooo tired!!!!
Rylee has developed a nice rat tail!

Cousin and Uncle doing the dishes by hand and dumping the water in the yard due to a small plumbing issue!


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