Monkey See Monkey Do…

23 Jan

Yesterday when I picked up the children…my line leader Mr. D was thrilled beyond belief. He was talking as fast as he could BEFORE I even got to him. The convo went something like this

Mr. D: “Miss MegPie…I went across the monkey bars 5 times today!”

Me: “Wow that must mean you are getting strong!”

(Mr. D keeps talking about how good he is at those monkey bars and I am tuning him out trying to gather my stray cats!)

Mr. D: “I will tell you what Miss MegPie…those monkey bars will change your life!”

Me and Boy behind him: “hahahaha”

Mr. D: “It’s true they have made my life so much better!”

He was pretty excited…sidenote…now is the time they start to master those in the year…and they ALL have calluses on their hands!


One Response to “Monkey See Monkey Do…”

  1. Jennifer February 10, 2010 at 3:39 am #

    I love this! The whole concept of something so simple and little 'changing your life' – I love it! I wish I was five, I would enjoy it more this time.

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