Toothless Wonder…

31 Jan

Everyday after morning recess is snack time. While the kiddos are eating, I read out of my favorite series of books, Junie B. Jones. She is a hoot! The books are told in the perspective of a Kindergartener, Junie, and then she goes to First Grade. She has a sassy mouth so we are sure to discuss what things she says are right and wrong. It’s kind of cute when I am reading and she uses words like “Dumb Bunny” and the class gasps!

The other day I was reading out of Junie B, Toothless Wonder. She had lost her first front tooth. A boy in her class had scared her by telling her that the tooth fairy was not really a fairy..she was a witch that ate her teeth! This like everything else prompted a heavy conversation between my 6 and 7’s. Miss E shared that the tooth fairy makes necklaces out of our teeth but my all time favorite comment of the day…

Mr. L: “Well the last tooth I lost I didn’t get so much money for…the toothfairy said because of the bad economy and all she just wasn’t making that much money…”

I love my job…


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