The latest "fun" in class…

2 Apr

So for about a month now, my children of school have had a “new” (they totally think they made it up) joke. They walk up to someone and say, “Spell I cup”…yes, go ahead try it. I’ll wait…

Then the person does it and they crack up hysterically and run away.

Well, a month later it is VERY VERY OLD…and VERY VERY ANNOYING.

Yesterday, as I was doing a chapter book read aloud and they were indulging in their mid morning snacks…I see there is a VERY small note being passed around…for those of you that forget or don’t know…I teach 1st grade…the notes can’t be very long due to the lack of stamina to write for one and for two…they don’t know that many words!

This is what the note was…

I can’t wait until “their” next joke comes up…


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