3 May

No, that picture was not a mistake…it’s placement was however and Blogger isn’t the most user friendly…or maybe it’s the user…anyhow…the picture above shows you “part” of what I saw about 10 times the night of the Supercross race…the “best” part happened to not be showing when I snapped the sneaky picture!
This is the HUGE crab that I ate and LOVED every minute of it…it was the biggest I have EVER eaten…worth every stinkin penny!

The view of Safeco Field from the top deck at Qwest.
This is just turning the camera around from the previous picture…
This is what The Boy saw most of the night when he looked at me…it was SOOOO cold! Thankfully it didn’t rain!!!
The crazy “sport” that The Boy likes to watch =)
Another food picture…weird I know! It was a waffle place that had two tables ONLY the waffles were super small but really good!!! I think it was called, Iron Waffle.

My favorite place in Seattle.
A funny shirt that made me laugh…it would be a good greeting card I believe.
My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing at Pike Place…the fish guys!
My second favorite thing…the beautiful flowers!

The Boy’s Birthday was April 23 and it just so happened the Supercross tour was in Seattle April 24 at Qwest. We had a fantastic time and the weather was splendid…plus we got to do some shopping at the outlet on the way home!!!!


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